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Getting You a GSA Contract!
What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

GSA stands for General Services Administration which is vehicle in which to do business with the government.

GSA Schedule Contract, also known as Federal Supply Schedules, are long-term contracts awarded under the General Services Administrations' Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program.  GSA Schedule Contracts were developed to assist federal buyers in purchasing products and services without having to utilize the 'full and open competition' procedures.  In other words, government buyers can purchase your products and/or services immediately from the GSA Advantage! website without having to send out RFP's (Request For Proposals) and making the purchase based on who is offering the best price, terms or delivery.

Who is purchasing from GSA Schedule Contracts?

Federal agencies are spending more of their money through 'task and delivery' orders as GSA Schedule has become the preferred method of government purchasing.  In addition:
  • Federal and Executive Agencies
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Government of the District of Columbia
  • Government contractors who are authorized to spend federal dollars
  • Certain institutions and international organizations
Should You Get on GSA Schedule?

If you are serious about selling to the government and getting your share of the federal sales then it is almost mandatory that you get on a Schedule.  Does it tempt you to know that Fiscal Year 2008 sales were $36,610,320,837?  Fiscal Year 2009 is on track to do the same if not more.  If you are a small business, did  you know that some Schedules are set aside for only small business?  Does your company fit within the following guidelines:

  • Does your firm sell commercial items?
  • Has your firm been in business for at least 2, preferably 3 years?
  • Does your firm have a record of sales of commercial items of at least $100,000?
  • Can you list at least 6 customers that have purchased products or services from your firm?  (Note that 15-20 businesses are preferred, these must be commercial, not government customers, and they will be asked to rate the performance of your firm.)
  • Can you show that the federal government buys a substantial amount of your products/services each year?  (Note that GSA will not award a contract unless your anticipated sales under the contract are expected to exceed $25,000 within the first 24 months following contract award, and are expected to exceed $25,000 in sales each 12-month period thereafter. The government may cancel the contract if these sales goals are not met.)
  • Are you prepared to deliver your products/services to any destination in the US within at least the 48 contiguous states?  (You may choose either this option or worldwide delivery.)
  • Do your competitors have a GSA contract under which they are making significant sales?

If you can answer yes to the above criteria, then chances are you will be able to get awarded a contract.  Now is the time to consider getting your business the largest government contract available to you...the GSA Schedule Government Contract!

How can Advantage Specialists  help you?

We can help you to obtain a new GSA contract as well as upload your products and/or services to GSA Advantage upon award of your contract.  We can also provide GSA contract maintenance, which includes modifications and renewals, and manage your required sub-contracting plan if you are a large business.  Sales reporting of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) can be managed as well.

Advantage Specialists will also provide the consultation you need to determine if you qualify for a schedule and what schedule would be the best for your business.  By giving us some basic information about your company, products and competitors, we will then do the research required to give you advice on which schedule and SIN(s) would be best for your business along with some sales figures from your competitors and sales figures for the exact SIN.

Customer Testimonials

"Advantage Specialists has professionally handled the award and management of my schedule in a timely and cost effective manner." 
Joe F. Outdoor Venture Corporation GS-07F-9506S

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  Advantage Specialists has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning.  Your knowledge and understanding of what we needed to do to get the process to upload our GSA catalog was wonderful.  You worked with us and were accessible at anytime in helping handling our needs.  We would be pleased to recommend Advantage Specialists to any potential customer."
Vincent A. CEO/President US Modular Group East, Inc.  GS-07F-0484U